Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Live Video Streaming on iPhone 3.0!

Title says it all. My job just became a million times easier to get that working. No more porting FFmpeg, SDL, etc. or paying for a 3rd party streaming sdk. This is quite simply awesome!

That's all, can't say more since it's still under NDA.


Unknown said...

wish you best success accomplishing that, you may just find yourself a buyer of your own apps around 3.0 release.

hope the "self-service" won't get hindered by mobile service providers shenanigans, they'r pushing everybody around feeling they'r cut is threatened by users/small developers own DIY/Innovation.

Its funny the freemarket, consumers nowadays may not even work for themselves solutions out, in case that those solutions provide the same services which some gorilla companies also provide for "simbolic" ammounts. They (these workarounds) seam to be blocked by monopoly protectionist laws and agreements.

"YOU cannot service yourself!!!, you have to BUY OUR service!"


I obediently declare: "up theirs!"

-VoIP over 3G/Edge
-Live Videostreaming over 3G/Edge/Wifi - so wanted Deutshe T-Mobile (costs 7.50€/month for a select number of channels)

Market segmentation they all whish for is being affected by a huge earthquake. Market pressures are making them loose on they're own camp, that is indeed the "funny" thing of these times.

Unknown said...

I forgot to mention:

-Turn-by-Turn GPS
-Flash Player (though may have some rational and acceptable good reasons behind)

there are more...

Unknown said...


I saw your post, and I would like to say that it is very interesting. Thanks a lot.

But I have a question, you are talking about iphone OS 3.0 streaming capabilities for video, can tell me more about that ?

I am unable to find documentation on apple dev site.

Thanks a lot


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