Friday, March 6, 2009

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iTunes app store feedback is a fun little forum. It's like the rest of the internet, mostly garbage, some nice spots, and of course, noone really controls it. Well, I've been a bit baffled by some of the reviews I've had for the ooTunes Radio iPhone app. So I almost posted this as feedback (with a 3 start "neutral" rating). Then I decided against it (thanks rob :) Instead, I've resorted to using more *'s and ALL CAPS to make sure people don't just skim over my app store description (hey, some people are liking it enough to buy it without thinking twice... actually over 2000 people :) The beautiful thing is that I'm getting much more feedback directly than in the app store. However, I'd love for more people to contact me... customer service can be a real adventure (and time sink!) but I've always liked talking to people.

Here's what I'd post as my own feedback. It was fun to write:

My goodness gracious! Hi, this is Oogli. I don't exist as a real person. But really, I would be a nice guy if I did!
Okay, I've spent the last 2 years of my life, in every waking moment working to make this app and the server a reality. Some may call me an idiot, great. Please do it to my face (see the "ooTunes Radio Support" link). I cannot honestly believe the number of people who are still "surprised" that the ooTunes server costs extra money! I can't believe it (unless you bought my app on day 1) there are two places in this long (poorly written) description that have stated in no unclear terms (sold separately see:

I don't understand why people are able to read all about all the features (many of which require using a server, not because I'm trying to get rich from it, but because they are TECHNICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO DO without having a server running on YOUR computer) but FAIL to see the SOLD SEPARATELY text??? I'm not trying to rip people off!!!! I want everyone to be happy, I want to keep working to make my software perfect, I want to live a long(ish) and happy, not-overly-stressful life. However, I'm finding that it is quite difficult given the circumstances:

  1. I can't advertise my Server software here more than I already am, this is Apple's store, they don't get anything from people purchasing my server software, this is not an advertisement.
  2. I can't respond to people here. Please contact me!!!! (see the "ooTunes Radio Support" link) I answer every email I get! I want to help you!!! I want you to tell me why I'm a fool, then you can tell the rest of the world.
  3. If you feel as though you were ripped off, tell me to my face (or by electronic mail, rather)! I'll make it right!
  4. Please check your facts before you post reviews. I've heard several people tell me that "all these streams are available elsewhere for free". Please tell me (and any potential customers where, so we can move on with our lives!), or that the web-browser is only available with the server? It's not. Try again, or ask me how to use it.
  5. If you have trouble with the software, it's my fault. Please tell me so I can improve it. I'm listening, and working hard on it. See the "ooTunes Radio Support" link.
  6. If you like my software, thanks! I sincerely appreciate your business. I'd still love to hear what I can do to improve it! (then you can tell the world)
  7. That feels better...

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Unknown said...

i just bought this app and i think it's the best thing since sliced bread! Wonderful customer support, when I asked for a new station. Congratulations!