Monday, May 4, 2009

Crash logs for iPhone app developers!

Wonderful change, thank you apple!

When I logged in to iTunes connect this morning, I noticed a message about being able to get crash logs for my application(s)! This is absolutely wonderful! Before you had to either rely on a debug log or a user manually finding and emailing you the crash log(s) when they happened, which was a bit annoying...

Here's a bit more info on the iPhone app crash logs on TUAW.

Users are prompted to upload the logs when they sync with iTunes and now we finally get to see them as developers!

I think apple should provide a new category of apps: Top 20 most/lease crashy apps or something like that... though I'd hate to find myself on that hall of shame :(

Of course since ooTunes Radio 2.0 came out, there's far far fewer crashes... I hope they posted all the crash logs so I can actually statistically see that (or not...).

Anway, thanks Apple, and I'm still waiting for the email about ooTunes 2.0 being accepted and available ;)

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