Tuesday, August 5, 2008

an undocumented change in iTunes interaction with applescript

Noticing a pattern here?  Apple changed the way that iTunes returns a track from most applescript calls.  Instead of returning a Track itself, it now returns a list with a single track in it.  Go figure, so this basically broke every bit if interaction between ooTunes and iTunes 7.7 or higher.  Since there's no documentation on it (that I've found), who knows if this was inadvertent or intentional.  We may never know.  It may change back, it might not.  Nevertheless, since this is pretty much the only easy way to interact with iTunes on Mac's, I'm betting there will be more than one broken application (since I already can think of a handful).  So, the latest release fixes this (and a number of other smaller bugs, mostly relating to windows and Quicktime).  

Also in this release, preliminary support for playing movies or viewing pdf's from a regular browser, instead of only on the iPhone/iPod Touch.  This feature is off by default, but can be turned on for just the session, or globally.  I used the excellent jquery media plugin to do the embedding based on mime type.  It's not perfect (yet), so add your comments below if you find problems or have suggestions!

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