Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why last.fm will go on, and lala (if you have even heard of them) will die.

This week ooTunes had some ups and some downs. Lets start on the negative part (this is a blog after all). Lala changed their api recently so that you can't (easily) get access to your music that you have uploaded to their site, without going through lala.com. Hence, from here on out (or until lala decides to give people access to their stuff through an api), ooTunes will not be able to play your lala tracks. Sorry, but that's their prerogative (I think?) I would delete my thousands of songs I painstakingly uploaded to their server, but why not let it sit there, gathering dust?

Okay, some good news and then a short prediction....

The good news is, I got an email from Last.fm. They added ooTunes to their list of software that uses last.fm. (ooTunes can play streams from last.fm, and scrobbles tracks that are played and I've got more ideas for integrating with last.fm when I have more time, especially with their new api). Anywho, on top of that, they gave me a 12 month subscription to last.fm, to thank me! I was elated! (hence the !!!'s)

So, my prediction is... who will be around in oh... 5 years, last.fm or lala.com?

lala.com has some brilliant people working for them. They have great ideas, lots of money.. and they have (had?) a great community. Unfortunately, I don't think they'll last. I think their Music Label money is going to be their downfall, while last.fm's music label money seems to be a bit less... how shall I put this... evil. Maybe I'm just bitter cause one of the founders called ooTunes "slow and buggy"?

Then again, maybe lala.com simply never stood a chance?

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